Empower your customer engagement strategy

The Tokky platform creates and manages loyalty programmes that enable businesses to personalize their customers’ experience. The platform is entirely API based, built from inception with the idea of integrating it in third party software systems, as well as using it as a whitelabeled solution.
Empower your customer engagement strategy

Tokky Loyalty Platform

Engage customers with flexible and easy to use personalised strategies, through a complete SaaS D2C platform or custom integrations in existing software systems


Tokky enables retailers to personalize their customer interactions with relevant and up-to-date notifications and offerings via customer profiling and segmentation


Tokky utilizes data, to predict customer behaviour and provide valuable insights to retailers


Tokky is not just an app. It is an API driven platform that enables your organisation to embed customer experience data within your existing processes and systems.

Tokky is not just an app

Tokky is an API driven platform that allows for easy implementations and versatile use cases

Retail/HoReCa SME

Subscribe to the Tokky SaaS loyalty platform.

Analyze customer behavior and personalise their shopping experience.

Use digital wallet at POS to improve engagement with dedicated balance, discounts or loyalty points.

White-label Marketplace

Use a dedicated instance of the Tokky loyalty platform with customized branding.

Set rules and onboard businesses that make sense for your use case.

Provide access to employees, club members, or other specific groups of people.

API Integrations

Utilize the Tokky platform underlying API to integrate features in 3rd party software. Example implementations: Creating a membership based loyalty program with custom POS integration Using Tokky cards as digital wallets that hold any currency or items,

Utilize consumer data to create personalized engagement opportunities

Tokky is an API based customer engagement platform that is meant to be open to any size companies - from SMB and startups to large enterprises. The API based nature of Tokky allows companies to integrate features of the platform to enhance existing products or innovate by creating new products and experiences. Adding a consumer data platform that helps to personalize marketing efforts and keep customers coming back.
Utilize consumer data to create personalized engagement opportunities

Data Analytics

Independently aggregates and organizes customer data, or integrates with your existing platform.

Segments customers based on predefined characteristics like demographics, interests, shopping habits

Data Analytics

Insights & Personalisation

Generates insights which enable retailers to launch relevant promotions, individual offerings, or pull entire client cohorts for purchases in real time.

Tokky Analytics is fully compatible with existing software solutions - payment terminals, apps, e-commerce sites.

Insights & Personalisation